POSTSCRIPT: A Spectacular Finish — And Thank You!

Posted by Keith on September 10, 2007 at 7:02 pm  

Hong Kong
September 11, 2007

In a few minutes The Global Adventure will make her way up spectacular Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, on her final journey as our ship.

On this, the anniversary of 9/11, and as she has always done when entering a foreign port, The Global Adventure will fly her 8’x5′ American Flag from high on her stack as she passes beneath what may be the most spectacular urban skyline on earth.

Our flag will be seen by thousands upon thousands of people, and so will The Global Adventure.

The ship will pass from a marina in the far west, Pacific side, of Hong Kong to The Global Adventure’s new home at the Gold Coast Marina on the east side of town near the airport.

There she will be offered for sale in a combined effort by Nordhavn Yachts and Asia Yacht Services. We will post listing information here on the site within the next couple of days. You may recall that we had planned to take The Global Adventure to the Nordhavn ship yard in Xiamen, China, and to sell her from there. But the mainland authorities imposed too many restrictions, so as we headed north up the China coast we turned left into Asia’s free-market capital, Hong Kong, instead.

The Global Adventure’s trip across Victoria Harbor is a fitting end not only for our relationship with a proud ship, but also for this trip of a lifetime.

Since announcing our journey’s end, and the end of our radio show, we have received many supporting, often touching, emails. They are posted in our chat room and after articles such as our August 26th JOURNEY’S END, and the September 4th FINAL THOUGHTS posts, below. There will likely be comments after this post as well. I encourage you to read them all. If you find them as uplifting as my family and I did, it will be time well spent.

THANK YOU ALL for your kind words, your support and encouragement. You have each touched us in a very real and positive way.

Sharing our adventures with you, and having the opportunity to visit with you each Sunday morning on the radio for so many years, has been a privilege and an honor.

You have enriched us beyond measure.

I will depart Hong Kong in a few days. I have not seen my family for nearly two months. I have not been home since late May.

While I’ve enjoyed every moment of every visit to foreign shores, safely setting foot on Arizona soil, and being home once again home with my family, will indeed be the crowning achievement of our Global Adventure.



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  1. Bob Anderson on September 11, 2007 10:09 pm

    Dear Keith, Bette and I have continued to pray for you daily, for the safety of you, your crew and your boat. We don’t know you as we moved to Sun City only a year ago but we have felt led to pray.
    With all the uncertainties that our country faces, we feel that it is a wise choice to come back home and stay close to your family.
    We will continue to visit your web site. come visit us in Sun City sometime. Bob and Bette

  2. John on September 12, 2007 3:30 am


    Thanks for letting me live the adventure through your trip news and notes.


  3. Keith on September 13, 2007 6:31 pm

    Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.


    City and State: Scottsdale AZ

    Zip: 85267

    Message: Keith, Listened to you for several years and appreciate your highly intelligent and grounded advice and information. Your well-reasoned views on lawsuits and tax policy are brilliant and I hope you make noise about them in a wider sphere! Please!

    Thanks much
    Dr. Linne (I called in as Suzanne.)

  4. Keith on September 13, 2007 6:32 pm

    Message: Keith,
    Thank you for the years. I never spoke to you but I listened. You are such a wise man! It is with great respect and a lot of disappointment I learn of the end of the voyage (our shared voyage)!
    God Bless You and your family. Thank you for your service in the military! Goodbye and thanks!
    David Wendell

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