If I Were President Part II: Protecting Our Capital Markets

Posted by Keith on July 28, 2007 at 6:07 pm | 1 Comment

Don’t worry. I have no expectation of being drafted to actually run for President. But I hope that by putting this series in the first person I will more effectively emphasize the specific real-world actions our next President, in my opinion, must take.

Why They Matter

Our capital markets matter to every man woman and child in America and throughout the world. These markets are where money meets opportunity, where reward meets risk, where jobs are created, and where mortgages and new cars are financed. Our capital markets are more mature, more sophisticated, and until recently were more desirable than similar markets around the world. They create better jobs and greater prosperity for us all.

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Perhaps it’s the distance – 7600 miles from home. Perhaps it’s the time I’ve spent away from home. I’ve been on the U.S. mainland for all of twelve days during the past four months. Maybe it’s the smattering of political and economic systems I’ve seen during our global adventure so far; or what I’ve learned by studying the foreign press wherever I go. Or, heck, maybe it’s just the spectacular laser light show across the Hong Kong skyline I’m watching from the work desk in my hotel room at this very moment.

Whatever the reasons, I am more certain than ever what I would do if I were President. This will begin a series entitled “What I Would Do If I were President”.

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The Season of Treason

Posted by admin on February 25, 2007 at 5:45 pm | 6 Comments

A special Commentary by1_145
Keith DeGreen, J.D., CFP,
Former Sgt E-5, USMC, Vietnam
Phoenix, Arizona February 22, 2007 Editor’s Note: The following is the extended text version of Keith’s Season of Treason radio commentary.


War is hell on earth. I know. Like many of you, I have been there. To the American who dies in battle, or who looks down to see his leg missing; to the parents whose home is destroyed and children killed, or to the enemy soldier who was obliterated by a weapon so powerful and so fast he never saw it coming – to all these people and to millions more – there is no such thing as a small war, or of limited casualties. There is just war. There is just hell on earth.
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