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By Keith DeGreen, J.D., CFP — Hawaii Yacht Club, Honolulu

Welcome to Paradise

The first thing to remember about Hawaii’s paradise economy is that, by mainland standards, it is relatively small.

According to Jeff Tollefson, President of The Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, Hawaii’s top industry – tourism – pumps about $12B per year into the economy; and the military, a close second, generates about $9B.

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Reposted from November – by Popular Demand

Eastbound Pre-Dawn
Three Hours west of Los Angeles @ 37,000 feet
Aboard Cathay Pacific Flight 882 from Hong Kong
Returning from Hanoi Vietnam

A city of four million people and two million motorbikes.

In this communist place massive Soviet-style monuments abound, including statutes of Lenin and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, its architecture ripped from the pages of socialist-dogma design 101.

Also scattered throughout the city are the architectural vestiges of the 100-year French occupation; but most such buildings have seriously deteriorated.

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