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Dispatch from Bejing: I’m Really Really Sorry…

Posted by Keith on July 9, 2007 at 5:48 am  

…about not writing more dispatches or posting more photos recently.

Hint: If you want to write reliably, and to post photos and videos almost every day to your website, you should probably not — with your wife, two young sons, adult daughter and her boyfriend in tow (or am I the one in tow?) — try to visit five cities in eight days in Mainland China, and then squeeze in a three-day river cruise up the Yangtze before returning to Hong Kong. And you should definitely not lose your passport in the middle of the trip.

Anyway, boy have I got stories to tell! Stories about the great wall; about how imperial — and polluted — a city Beijing really is; about the six hours I stood in 16 different lines just to get out of the country as scheduled; about the sights, smells and sounds of a nation with 1.3B people. People who sell fried eel and candied insects on the street for God sakes!

And, Oh, you should see the photos and videos we have. And yes, I know, I’m also backed up in responding to many of your financial questions.

I promise — I absolutely promise — I’ll do everything humanly possible to get all these goodies to you tomorrow or the next day, or as soon as I possibly can if I’m not arrested or shot by either the government or my wife — and I promise to keep trying my very best.

Keep the faith. Stay patient. Thanks for being the most important part of The Global Adventure!



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