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– Keith

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I thoroughly enjoyed your adventure!!! Having spent a lot of time in Asia from 2001-2003 away from my family and enjoying my own adventure, I empathize with your need to return home and be with your family. I would still be there living my adventure, but family comes first and I missed my 12 and 14 yr old daughters at the time–and since coming home I now have a 1 yr old to go with them. If I had a chance to move all of us over there and work, I would do it–and I am now seeking an opportunity to do just that. Wish me luck as I wished you luck on your trip!

I really enjoyed your musings and opinions on many topics. I will miss reading them, and hope you continue to maintain this site and keep us updated on your new adventures.



Absolutely, Larry! Good luck! And thanks so much for following our adventure.




Thank you very much for sharing your journey on your web site!

Enjoy your new journey,

~ Joe


Your upbeat spirit and global view will be so missed. In a time when all the news is tainted and myopic, your reports from around the world were so refreshing. Good luck, get back into politics and God bless!


Dear Keith, I am the owner of the Ferretti 630 “Le PoĆ¼pee” which is berthed right behind your boat at Clearwater Bay Marina in Hong Kong. I love Nordhavn boats and your boat immediately caught my attention. From the name and flag of your boat, I sort of gathered that you are on a globe-trotting mission but when I went on your site I realised what an incredible adventure you are having. We took “Le Poupee” to explore Croatia and Italy for 1 month but it was nothing compared to your adventure. BTW The little girl and the toddler boy you met at the Marina Cafe are my kids. Hope they did not disturb your work that much.

Collapse Icon Dorie Maffetone Sep 9th, 2007 at 10:03 am

Keith: I just heard your last broadcast and I want you to know as a fan I support the decision you made.

I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed your show. Most Sunday mornings, my boyfriend and I would have a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast while we listened to your show.

As you ventured out to places I never heard of, we would got out this “very heavy” world atlas and look up where you were at.

Thanks again.

Dorie Maffetone


There is a company called Travisa ( that was very helpful in securing our visas for China and Vietnam. I was amazed at the number of countries where no visa is required if you plan to stay for just a short time. Then, certain other countries are so restrictive and/or administratively unsophisticated (such as Cambodia) you really need to wait until you are in a nearby country where you can actually go to their embassy, or until you actually arrive there, to navigate through their requirements.

Travisa has all that information, by country, on their site. We worked through their San Francisco office.

We certainly plan to share our experiences regarding money exchange, communications issues, etc., as we begin hitting foreign ports. Here in Honolulu, of course, there are no such issues — unless you count my complete inability to pronounce most Hawaiian words!


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