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One of My Favorite Places: Catalina

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Catalina Harbor at Two Harbors, Catalina Island
Approximately 26 miles due west of Los Angeles

Today I am writing to you from one of my favorite places in the world: Two Harbors near the northern end of Catalina Island.

Catalina Island is about 26 miles due west of Los Angeles, and the Two Harbors area is really a narrow isthmus connecting the larger southern portion of the island, with its northern portion. On the east side of this quarter-mile-wide isthmus is Isthmus Harbor, and on the western side is Catalina Harbor. It is a 10-minute walk across the from one harbor to the other.

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About 5 miles due east of Avalon Harbor, Catalina

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Heading: 102 degrees (east-south-east)
SOG: 9 knots

We are passing a salty little sail boat on our starboard as we both head east across the shipping lanes between Catalina Island and the mainland. Once across we’ll head down the coast on our return to San Diego.

We departed for Catalina from San Diego at 04:30 PST, September 4. My 13-year-old son, Sam and I were about as sick as you can be almost the entire way. Once we cleared San Diego bay we caught 6-8′ swells left over from Hurricane John well to our south. They hit the two of us like a sledge hammer. My daughter, Laura, and First Mate Doug Harris, did fine; although after the fact Doug admitted to having a somewhat difficult time also.

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I’m alone on board and waiting for the remnants of the Christening crowd to return from Coronado. When they arrive we’ll reassemble and take the kids to family-friendly Mike’s Place for dinner. But not before I lobby for a “pizza harbor cruise” instead.

It was windy all day as we caught the outer winds from hurricane John to the south. I think most of our guests are probably watered out at this point. Not me. I’m ready to go. Let’s point this puppy west and see what’s out there!

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