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Keith’s March 25 Global Adventure Radio Show

Posted by Keith on March 25, 2007 at 3:19 pm  

First Condensed Hour
-News from the Ship and About the Website – a Trip on The Orient Express!
-Ms. Rosy Scenario – How the U.S. markets over-interpreted a statement by the Fed.
-Equity Structured Notes (ESNs) – Why they may belong in your portfolio.
-More on Equity Structured Notes and Q&A

Second Condensed Hour
-Our Random Walk Around the World – Phillipines, Latin America, Brazil, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Panama and Mexico
-Wells Trust REIT Rip Off
-Why there are too many mergers and acquisitions, why it’s not good for consumers and investors, and how we can fix the problem with a simple change in the tax code.

Third Condensed Hour
-The European Union at 50 – Will it Ever Work?
-Why John McCain Will be Our Next President, and How That Will Help the Markets, and the Country
-Why You Should Not Buy Into the Upcoming Blackstone IPO


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